The Planets

Episodes are about individual planets in our solar system

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Michael J. Massimino

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - The Planets
"Astronaut Mike Massimino leads a journey to Jupiter where he investigates the planet's deepest mysteries and tries to discover if its origins make it the sun's secret twin."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino reveals the answers to some of the greatest mysteries on the Red Planet. Using the most detailed survey of Mars ever created, he discovers the dark history of our closest neighbor."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino explores Venus, a hellish planet covered in active volcanoes and dense clouds. Using cutting edge technology, he decodes the secrets beneath this volatile planet and investigates if Earth could be heading towards the same fate."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino reveals the mysterious secrets of Saturn and its rings; using the latest science from the Cassini mission, he explores the planet's giant icy geysers, powerful hurricanes, and moon that may be hiding extraterrestrial life."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino investigates the possibility of a giant ninth planet at the edge of the solar system; using the latest technology, he reveals the incredible secrets of this mysterious world."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino explores the dwarf planet Pluto, a tiny frozen world surrounded in secrets; using the latest science, he investigates the possibility of life in its mysterious ocean."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino explores the incredible new alien planets being found daily by astronomers; using the latest science, he investigates everything from worlds that appear to eat light to planets that resemble Earth in shocking ways."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino reveals the mysterious secrets of the moon, a world permanently tied to Earth; using new research, he uncovers the mysterious origin of the moon and how it kick-started life on Earth."
Season 2 - The Planets
"Astronaut Mike Massimino uses the latest science to reveal the strange secrets of planet earth, and explores whether alien earths exist elsewhere in the universe."
"Astronaut Mike Massismino uncovers the violent secrets of the most deadly planets outside our solar system."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino explores the dark secret of the Milky Way, the home to both Earth and a terrifying supermassive black hole."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino uses the latest NASA discoveries to explore the dark and mysterious frontiers of our solar system."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino journeys to Uranus and Neptune, the farthest planets from the sun and the home to some of the solar system's strangest mysteries."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino explores the universe's strangest alien galaxies, strange places that could be home to extraterrestrial life and deadly supermassive black holes."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino explores Mercury, a deadly and tiny planet that faces constant attacks from the Sun, and which might one day pose a threat to all life on Earth."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino reveals the alien secrets of comets, strange visitors from deep space that might be responsible for life on Earth."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino journeys to the sun, revealing the secrets of Earth's star and how it will one day destroy the planet."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino uncovers the strange and violent birth of the solar system, and reveals how its planets were built from the wreckage of bygone alien worlds."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino explores dwarf planets, mysterious worlds like Pluto that are too small to be a planet, but are home to some of the universe's biggest secrets."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino journeys to the deadliest stars in the universe, where terrifying suns can rip apart planets but may be integral to life on Earth."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino uses the latest science to explore the alien volcanoes of distant worlds and reveals if they are hotbeds for extraterrestrial life."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino journeys to the alien moons of the solar system and discovers if these strange worlds could be habitable for life beyond Earth."
"Astronaut Mike Massimino explores the mysterious oceans of the solar system, where the latest discoveries provide new clues in the search for alien life."