Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks

Zak and Aaron, 2/3 of the Ghost Adventures crew, reunite with some of their past guests. In an intimate setting, Zak sits face to face with the haunted people from some of the most haunted ...

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6.6

Season 1 - Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks
"In the series premiere, Zak Bagans relives old evidence from the Ghost Adventures Crew's (GAC) three visits to Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky. He states that it is one of the places he and his crew will never investigate again. Bobby Mackey's Music World interviewees: Bobby Mackey, Wanda Kay, Missy Bostrom, and Matt Coates.[2] The Brookdale Lodge, a former Grover Lumber Mill site that was reconstructed to become a resort in Brookdale, California. Brookdale Lodge interviewees: Denise Dalton and Marina Marazzo."
"Zak Bagans revisits the audio and video evidence, from GAC's visit to the Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa. It is the home of the Axe Murders of 1912. Villisca Axe Murder House interviewees: Patty Williamson, Linda Cloud, and Katie Savick.[3] Zak relives the GAC's 2011 lockdown of Letchworth Village, an abandoned residential institution in Haverstraw, New York. Letchworth Village interviewees: David Skala and Sara Bogart."
"Zak revisits the evidence from the Salem Witch House and Lyceum Restaurant investigation in Season 4 (2011). Added to this section is more evidence from the GA's New Orleans Season 7 episode (2013). For the latter part of the Bloody Mary section, Aaron Goodwin recalled how he was \"not the same anymore\", after being in these two investigations. Bloody Mary interviewees: Warlock Christian Day and Voodoo queen, Bloody Mary.[4] Zak recalls the USS Hornet evidence, from the GA's Season 4 episode in 2010. After that episode was shown, the three interviewees gave Zak new ..."
"Zak reviews the rectory evidence, from the GA's visit in 2012 (Season 7). Since then, one of the caretakers grew stronger in faith. The other one was, and still is, vulnerable to demonic attacks and possessions. Also, since this episode was aired, various ghost-hunting groups tried to gain permission to enter the house. Most of them were denied of that chance and it is unknown how many of them did get permission in the end. Sedamsville Rectory interviewees: Terrie Scott and Tim Brazeal.[5] Zak reviewed a few sections of paranormal activity at the Winchester Mystery ..."
"Zak reviewed some previous evidence from the GA's Season 7 (2012) investigation of the Palmer House Hotel. However, the owner of the hotel did not reveal to GA about a crucial piece of evidence that only she knew at the time. It was about Sinclair Lewis, the first American to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1930, was an on-and-off employee of the hotel in the past. According to the owner, she was confronted by the spirit of Sinclair Lewis, telling her that he hid one of his manuscripts in the basement walls of the hotel. If this rumor is true, it would ..."
"Zak talked to Mike Henson about the evidence GAC captured back in 2011 (Season 4). Also, a small clip about a spirit named \"Doug\", was shown as well. However, some time after that GA investigation, it seems that some locals did not liked the idea of having outsiders poking around inside the hospital at night. In an alleged reprisal against Mike, someone poisoned and killed his pet donkey, Spirit, with an unknown substance. Before that incident and after the GA investigation, there were a few break-ins at the site. According to Bryan Bernier, he thinks that Mike is ..."
"The first half of this episode started with Zak explaining small details about the Lizzie Borden House, with clips from GA's Season 5 (2011) investigation. However, the interview with psychic medium, Liz Nowicki, led to Zak stating that this was the most controversial one for him so far. As the overall interview went on, it became very dark very quickly. Some of the details mentioned to Zak here is too gruesome to post here. Suffice to say, the women were attacked by an unknown evil entity. Unfortunately, there were only circumstantial evidence that the evil entity ..."
Season 2 - Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks
"Zak Bagans learns that his investigation of the Zozo Demon house transformed a former homeowner into a criminal. The owner of Katie's Bar in New York confides in Zak, fearing that the spirit plaguing the bar has followed him back home."
"Zak invites an investigator and his family from the ghost town of Bannack, MT, to discuss how a paranormal obsession has turned into a family crisis. Then, Zak discovers a disturbing, skull-like anomaly in a photo taken at Thornhaven Manor."
"Zak Bagans revisits the investigations of the Sharon Tate house and Linda Vista Hospital. After 8 years of silence, 2 people personally affected by the demons terrorizing the Sharon Tate murder house are reunited, thanks to Zak."
"Mysterious health issues have plagued Zak's guests since his investigations of the Exorcist House and the Ohio State Reformatory. Both guests strongly believe that their attachment to demonic spirits has led to strokes and heart attacks."
"Zak Bagans learns about the tragic suicide of a young man who was tormented by a blood demon at Stonehouse Brewery. A tour guide at the Missouri State Penitentiary confesses to Zak that her addiction to the prison has crumbled her marriage."
"Zak Bagans reopens investigations of Bonnie Springs Ranch and Vulture Mine. Zak watches an intense home video of a tour guide at Bonnie Springs become possessed, and he receives sad news about the Vulture Mine's fate."
Season 3 - Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks
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"Zak revisits his investigation of Hales Bar Dam, where ghosts have continued haunting a former employee. Ashmore Estate owners, both past and present, talk to Zak about their personal experiences with the spirits."
"Zak returns to Shanghai Tunnels, and speaks to a woman attached to a spirit of a human trafficking victim. A craftsman at the Jerome Grand Hotel tells Zak how spirits helped save his business."
"Zak revisits his investigations of the Stanley Hotel and Pennhurst. Zak hears about a woman suffering from a spiritual attachment originating from the dark and dangerous energy emanating from the Stanley Hotel."
"Zak revisits his investigations of the Sallie House and The St. James Hotel. Zak learns how Gary and Jan Reynolds lives took a dark turn after meeting during Zak's investigation of The St. James Hotel."
Season 4 - Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks
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