The Ministry of Time

A warrior from the 16th Century, the first female university student from the 19th Century, and a paramedic from the 21st Century join a secret agency to prevent people from changing Spanish history using time-traveling doors.

Duration: 70 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - The Ministry of Time
"To prevent the French from changing history, as we know it, the Ministry sends a patrol of newly recruited members on a mission."
"Gil P\u00e9rez, prestigious agent of the ministry during the reign of Felipe II, discovers that the famous writer Felix Lope de Vega, enlisted in the Invincible Armada, does not travel in the San Juan, one of the few ships that returned. Instead, travels in the San Esteban, where he will find death. Juli\u00e1n, Amelia and Alonso will have to travel to the 1588 Lisbon to get Lope to board the San Juan."
"The former agent of the ministry, Lola Mendieta, sells to the Nazis the secret of the doors of time. The sadistic leader of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, discovers that there is a door of time in the monastery of Montserrat and, taking advantage of the meeting between Franco and Hitler in Hendaye, travels to the monastery to take the door and rewrite history. The mission of Julian, Alonso and Amelia is to prevent Himmler from taking the door."
"The Ministry of Time was created by Isabel la Cat\u00f3lica in 1491 thanks to the gaining of the book of the doors, a book that Rabbi Abraham Lev\u00ed gave her in exchange for protection for him and his family. The queen promised to protect him, but the cruel inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada sent him to the stake behind Isabel's back. The problem arises when the lawyer of the descendants of the rabbi discovers documents referring to the queen did not move a finger to save the rabbi and demands a huge compensation to the ministry in exchange for his silence. Therefore, contrary to the ministry's own rules, Salvador sends Julian, Amelia and Alonso to 1491 to save the rabbi from the stake, but there is a problem: the door to access 1491 is in a time loop. They only have one day to save the rabbi and therefore the ministry."
"In 1981, during the government of Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo, Pablo Picasso's Guernica returned to Spain from the MoMA in New York. But since that year there are reports to the ministry saying that someone is maneuvering for Guernica to stay in the United States. Salvador sends Julian, Amelia and Alonso to two missions: first they must travel to 1899 to get Picasso's signature and the Spanish Civil War to falsify the order receipt, and then they must travel to 1981 to get the painting back to Spain."
"During some archaeological excavations in Salamanca, the ministry finds a door that goes to 1520 through which a corrupt businessman has escaped justice. Salvador sends Alonso, Amelia and Juli\u00e1n to 1520 to stop the fugitive and there they meet an unexpected inhabitant: the Lazarillo de Tormes. But during the mission, the Lazarillo is captured and condemned to death, so the trio must also save the life of Lazarillo. Meanwhile, Irene interrogates Paul Walcott, captured by the ministry and imprisoned in Huesca in 1053."
"In 1843, Isabel II is declared queen of Spain with thirteen years and, the following year, makes an official visit to the Ministry of Time at the time. But the former agent of the Ministry Armando Leiva, deeply resentful of the ministry, travels to 1844 to assassinate the queen. Among the plans of Leiva is included that the mother of Isabel, Mar\u00eda Cristina de Borb\u00f3n, blame the ministry of the attack and close it. Salvador decides to send Ernesto, Alonso and Amelia to the nineteenth century to stop Leiva but the agents and Salvador himself are captured, so the ministry depends on Irene, stopped for having helped Leiva escape, and Julian, who is enjoying the company of his wife."
"A tablet appears on the poster of a performance of \"Don Juan Tenorio\" in 1924. Juli\u00e1n, Amelia and Alonso must travel to the Residencia de Estudiantes, where they will meet the writer Federico Garc\u00eda Lorca, the painter Salvador Dal\u00ed and the filmmaker Luis Bu\u00f1uel. But soon they discover that everything is a trap of someone who knows the ministry very well ... and themselves, because they begin to receive photographs of their lives in the past and in the future. And that is when the patrol begins to pose a question: why save the protagonists of the history of Spain if they can not save their own loved ones?"
Season 2 - The Ministry of Time
"The Ministry travels to the 11th century to solve a mystery involving the burial remains of El Cid. Juli\u00e1n faces the consequences of his actions."
"Pacino, a police officer who's been missing since 1981, reappears in the present and finds out he's now a suspect in the crime he was investigating."
"Pacino joins the team for the first time as they work to ensure that Miguel de Cervantes publishes \"Don Quixote\" in 1604."
"Spain's transition from a dictatorship to a democracy is in jeopardy when the life of a crucial Spanish politician's ancestor is threatened."
"Irene contracts the Spanish flu while on a mission in 1918. Susana insists she be brought back to the present, putting the entire Ministry at risk."
"The team travels to 1920s New York, into the world of magic and Houdini, as the Ministry's own existence is placed in peril."
"While hiding out in the Philippines in the 19th century, Juli\u00e1n makes a promise to a dying soldier that gets him into a dangerous situation."
"Salvador sends Alonso on a mission to save Juli\u00e1n from a lengthy battle during the Siege of Baler in the Philippines."
"A Vel\u00e1zquez painting is auctioned off in 2016. The only problem is it burned in a 1734 fire. The team heads to the Alc\u00e1zar of Madrid to investigate."
"Irene looks into a mystery involving a group of avant-garde women artists who've been forgotten. The Ministry discovers the Vampire of Raval is free."
"On a tour of the Ministry, redesigned to look like a regular office, a suspicious paranormal expert barges past a barrier and through one of the doors."
"Ortigosa and Natalia's wedding is complicated by a hidden time portal and a romantic legend from the 13th century."
"Phillip II of Spain decides he wants the Spanish Armada to win in 1588. He gets a taste for time travel and sets his sights higher, focusing on 2016."
Season 3 - The Ministry of Time