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Criss Angel Mindfreak

Criss Angel shows us a new way of magic. He shows that doing magic, is not only making some good tricks on TV. He's kicking ass! Watch this mind master doing his magic all around the world....

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Criss Angel

Director: Criss Angel

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2005

IMDb: 5.8

Season 1 - Criss Angel Mindfreak
20 Jul 2005
"It is Criss' mom's 70th birthday so he celebrates by becoming a human candle. Criss also plays with a voodoo doll and disappears from under a garbage can."
20 Jul 2005
"The focus is on levitation and Criss not only levitates himself, but also complete strangers in the presence of a crowd."
27 Jul 2005
"To honor Houdini, Criss attempts to escape from a water-filled wine barrel while suspended eight stories in the air."
27 Jul 2005
"Criss does one better than simply laying on a bed of nails as he attempts to take on the added stress of having an SUV drive onto his chest while he is there."
03 Aug 2005
"Criss engages in a body suspension ritual that has him hanging by hooks through his back from a helicopter."
10 Aug 2005
"Criss is handcuffed and then buried alive in a coffin under six feet of dirt and must escape."
17 Aug 2005
"Hellstromism is the art of muscle reading. Criss uses this technique to find a key hidden on a multi-acre car lot."
24 Aug 2005
"Criss believes that with the proper training, superhuman strength is possible. To prove it, he attempts to lift a two-ton taxi."
"No description"
14 Sep 2005
"Criss wants to experience what it would feel like to be struck by lightning so he sets up an experiment where he will be hit with three million volts of electricity."
21 Sep 2005
"Criss attempts to escape from a tube submerged in water in the middle of park in New York."
28 Sep 2005
"Criss attempts to walk down the side of a hotel with no harness and no safety nets."
05 Oct 2005
"Criss climbs into a wooden box with the equivalent of a stick of dynamite and blows it up."
12 Oct 2005
"Criss attempts to show that he can predict the future by sealing up a recorded premonition and listening to it the next day on live radio to see if he was correct."
"No description"
31 Oct 2005
"Criss goes to the Magic Castle and crashes Joaquin Ayala's performance. He preforms one of his most dangerous stunts by being shackled, handcuffed, and nailed into a pine casket on a conveyor belt leading to an industrial BioChipper."
02 Nov 2005
Season 2 - Criss Angel Mindfreak
31 May 2006
"Criss attempts to levitate from the top of one building to another."
31 May 2006
"Criss performs various illusions where things disappear including a woman in front of a live audience on the street."
07 Jun 2006
"Criss puts a new spin on the traditional illusion of sawing a person in two."
07 Jun 2006
"Criss attempts to cross a swimming pool by walking on top of the water while people swim around him."
14 Jun 2006
"After unveiling the ultimate mindfreak Count's Kustoms Chopper, Criss leads the crew on a wild ride that ends in the hair-raising \"Death Trap\" exhibition."
21 Jun 2006
"Criss does close-up magic in a number of Las Vegas nightclubs."
28 Jun 2006
"After training with motorcycle jump legend, Trigger Gumm, Criss attempts to jump 100 foot, with a twist."
05 Jul 2006
"The story of a boy who fought cancer and lost his father at an early age inspires Criss to help the boy achieve his dreams."
12 Jul 2006
"Criss uses hypnosis techniques to drop entire crowds of people to the ground before putting an entire restaurant's patrons and staff under his control. His ability to read the minds of some..."
"No description"
14 Jun 2006
"Criss performs for some chimpanzees and then attempts to make an elephant disappear off the street."
02 Aug 2006
"Criss returns to his high school to inspire kids to believe in themselves that they can accomplish anything including lifting a car."
09 Aug 2006
"A number of scams are explored such as pickpocketing, the shell game, and psychic surgery. Criss attempts to pass into an armored car."
16 Aug 2006
"The art of mentalism is explored as Criss makes a number of predictions including the outcome of a car race."
31 Oct 2006
"Criss shares his passion for motorcycle trick-riding with a crew of extreme riders and ups the ante with some of the craziest stunts ever performed on two wheels."
06 Sep 2006
"Criss visits a military base and performs a variety of demonstrations including making a Hummer appear out of thin air."
"No description"
20 Sep 2006
"Criss is manacled, locked inside a shark cage, and thrown in the ocean without an air supply."
27 Sep 2006
"A feat of mentalism is performed after Criss wins the Magician of the Year award."
11 Oct 2006
"Five celebrity guests spend a night in the eerie Amargosa Hotel while Criss connects with paranormal forces."
Season 3 - Criss Angel Mindfreak
"No description"
12 Jun 2007
"In this episode, Criss lies on a bed of broken glass as a steamroller rolls over his body. Criss will also produce a beautiful woman from a box of merchandise. He performs street magic ..."
12 Jun 2007
"After being locked in a mailbag, Criss will attempt to escape a caged truck filled with explosives as it races towards the edge of a cliff. Then he visits a golf course and shows off some ..."
19 Jun 2007
"Criss takes some of the most ordinary objects and makes them the center of the most amazing illusions. He puts a beer bottle through an onlooker's stomach and moves his friend's eyebrow to ..."
19 Jun 2007
"Criss' obsession with cars and motorcycles has been well established in previous episodes, and now Criss has some great, new illusions focused around his favorite hobby. Criss will ..."
26 Jun 2007
"Criss loves animals -- and loves to amaze us with his incredible animal illusions. Last season, Criss made an elephant vanish, and in this episode, he'll try to make the pachyderm reappear...."
10 Jul 2007
"Criss prepares to be bound and dragged by an ATV while trying to escape in the Excalibur arena. Distracted by news of his mother's emergency heart surgery, Criss is unable to concentrate and faces the risk of seriously hurting himself."
17 Jul 2007
"This episode of MINDFREAK revolves around an alter ego of Criss Angel, a Traveling Salesman. Disguised as \"Justin Case\", Criss goes door-to-door and town-to-town amazing people with his ..."
24 Jul 2007
"Hang onto your seat, because Criss will be chained to the side of a parked car filled with explosives, and then try to escape before a second speeding car plows into him. Also, he'll make a..."
31 Jul 2007
"In Season 2, Criss introduced viewers to some of the biggest scams ever perpetrated. This season, Criss reveals even more scams as he exposes psychics and divulges their secrets. He also ..."
07 Aug 2007
"Criss tests his endurance as he attempts to escape mental institution restraints while wrapped tight in sheets, strapped on a gurney, in front of a live audience. Criss also levitates a ..."
14 Aug 2007
"The greatest and most famous magician ever, Harry Houdini, remains one of Criss Angel's significant influences. Criss pays homage to the master by recreating some of his most incredible ..."
21 Aug 2007
"Criss takes Sully from Godsmack\u00b9s watch, and smashes it to bits with a hammer; he then produces that same watch, undamaged, to the relieved Sully. Also, Criss convinces Carrot Top that a ..."
28 Aug 2007
"Magic has always kept the kid in Criss very alive and this episode celebrates just that. Everyone's inner child will enjoy fun illusions like Criss\u00b9 turning a young girl's toy doll into a ..."
04 Sep 2007
"Criss takes Sully from Godsmack's watch, and smashes it to bits with a hammer; he then produces that same watch, undamaged, to the relieved Sully. More mayhem in the arcade when Criss draws..."
11 Sep 2007
"In this episode Criss surprises and shocks his most fanatical supporters, referred to as \"The Loyal\". These fans discuss some of the craziest things they've done to meet him. Criss hosts a ..."
18 Sep 2007
"Mentalism is the use of one's mind to conduct para-psychological activities such as telepathy and mind reading. Criss has certainly been well versed in these areas of psychology and takes ..."
25 Sep 2007
"In front of the Luxor Hotel, Criss enables a random bystander to crawl through his body. In this episode, the viewer gets and insider's look into Criss' suite and his model train collection..."
25 Sep 2007
"Taped live from the heart of New York City's Times Square, Criss Angel is shackled and placed in a see-through plexi glass container that is then sealed in cement and hardened into a block...."
"No description"
"No description"
24 Dec 2007
"Criss flies at Mach speed with the Air Force's # 1 elite Thunderbirds and makes 6 fighter jets appear from thin air on the runway."
25 Dec 2007
"Summer's here, so join Criss and the crew for a fun beach-filled day in Mexico. At a beach campfire, Criss casts shadows in impossible places. Criss establishes a psychic link with a ..."
26 Dec 2007
"Famous people reveal their Top 10 favorite Mindfreak moments, including the Steamroller, Walk on Water, the Woodchipper, Penetrating a Window, Burned Alive and others."
29 Dec 2007
"Magic adults will enjoy, but still okay for the kids. Criss will make a girl's dream come true as he magically changes her A-cup to a C-cup without any post-surgery recovery time. At the ..."
Season 4 - Criss Angel Mindfreak
23 Jul 2008
"Criss is famous for walking on water in a pool. In the Mindfreak style, Criss will now up the ante and attempt to walk on the world's largest manmade lake, Lake Mead. With the inability to ..."
30 Jul 2008
"As the #1 magician in the world, Criss Angel has done more magic on TV than any other magician in history and continues to up the ante in this one hour action filled special. Broadcast LIVE..."
06 Aug 2008
"Placing several advertisements and postings seeking those who are skeptical of Criss' abilities, Criss invites these skeptics to be part of a deadly challenge. These skeptics get to lead a ..."
06 Aug 2008
"You've seen Criss catch an arrow with his bare hands. In this episode, he attempts to catch a razor-sharp nail traveling at 1400 feet per second with his bare hands. Onlookers include Anthony Michael Hall."
13 Aug 2008
"Criss is handcuffed and placed in an 85-gallon drum, which is then secured in a wooden box and hoisted 100 feet above spectators. Once the box reaches its peak, the box is set to ..."
31 Oct 2008
19 Aug 2008
"Criss visits New Orleans and trances bystanders utilizing the mysticism & culture of the city. On a tour of the outskirts, Criss pulls up to a girl hitchhiking who disappear's from the side..."
13 Aug 2008
"Acknowledging the devastation from Katrina and admiring the city's ability to overcome such travesty, Criss decides to bring the town together to witness as he attempts to break another ..."
27 Aug 2008
"One of Criss' most memorable demonstrations was when he walked through a storefront window. Criss will now attempt to merge through metal. He will be locked in an oil drum with a heavy manhole cover placed on top."
26 Aug 2008
"In this episode, Criss demonstrates the intricate and delicate art of close up magic as he stuns audiences. At the casino, even the eye in the sky security staff can't see the speed of his ..."
03 Sep 2008
"Using his ability to connect with people, Criss attempts to transfer his energy through the TV screen to millions of people at home."
03 Sep 2008
"Criss receives a surprise visit from Playboy's, \"The Girls Next Door.\" He invites them along and stuns them as he performs various unexplainable acts up-close and in your face."
10 Sep 2008
"With Criss' help, Ted Nugent, Elvis Costello, Carrot Top and Anthony Michael Hall all learn the art of MINDFREAK and perform for their fans. Then, at an event in Los Angeles, Criss runs ..."
10 Sep 2008
"Criss is a big kid at heart. As a child Criss loved toys and as an adult Criss still loves toys and in the spirit of this, Criss transforms a toy hummer into a real hummer. In various ..."
17 Sep 2008
"In the spirit of \"Dancing with the Stars\", we see several celebrities give their best performance when performing a trick. The MINDFREAK himself will teach celebrities how to perform tricks..."
18 Dec 2009
"Criss' is known for surprising 1,000s of people over four seasons of MINDFREAK. This time, Criss' crew and celebrity friends attempt to pull one over on Criss and throw a surprise party. ..."
17 Sep 2008
"Criss decides to take a road trip after he and his friend Sully, from the band \"Godsmack\", are presented some new customized Chopper Bikes. While joking around with Criss, Sully locks ..."
Season 5 - Criss Angel Mindfreak
12 Aug 2009
"Criss takes the \"Buried Alive\" escape attempt to an unprecedented level, adding the extra weight and freezing temperatures of snow and ice."
19 Aug 2009
"Criss and his team head to Edwards Air Force Base in California where they take \"Mindfreak\" to an explosive new level. Criss first learns about the dangers of mines and Improvised Explosive..."
26 Aug 2009
"Criss Angel has demonstrated he can levitate anywhere: he has levitated more than 500 feet above Las Vegas Boulevard in the light of the Luxor Hotel and Casino; he has floated from one ..."
02 Sep 2009
"Criss will attempt to accomplish the most impossible and mind-boggling transposition in \"Mindfreak\" history and perhaps magic history by teleporting himself--in one continuous camera shot--..."
Season 6 - Criss Angel Mindfreak
04 Aug 2010
"In his most amazing and dangerous demonstration to date, Criss attempts to jump the Grand Canyon on a high-performance hybrid motorcycle. He will either miraculously appear inside a locked ..."
"Criss Angel attempts to defy the laws of gravity and walk up the entire side of the Luxor Hotel and Casino which rises more than 650 feet above the Las Vegas strip and disappear into the ..."
"An homage to Harry Houdini's most dangerous escape, Criss is chained and shackled with more than 100 feet of chains and more than 20 locks and lowered 90 feet from the side of the London ..."
"At the monumental Grand Canyon Sky Walk, in front of more than one thousand onlookers, Criss is shackled and locked inside a confining solid crate except for holes to view his face and ..."
"With Criss' chaotic schedule, including his live performance of BeLIEve ten times each week, the taping of his hit TV series and moving into Serenity, his new home, Criss decides to escape ..."