All That

A revival of Nickelodeon's long-running sketch comedy series featuring many wacky characters hosted by kids and for kids.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 6.4

Season 1 - All That
"The new cast of All That prepares for their first show. The Jonas Brothers stop by Good Burger, Vital Information finds a new host, and Marie Kiddo helps decide what stuff kids should keep and what to DESTROY. Performance by The Jonas Brothers Guest Stars: Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, Lori Beth Denberg."
"The cast scrambles to find the props they need for a sketch, the Loud Librarian returns to Dullmont Jr. High, Beyonce advertises her new store, and Long Coat plans a bank robbery. Musical Performance by Daddy Yankee."
"A button that appears out of nowhere tempts the cast. Simplicity, the easiest game show in the world, is played, Positive Poppi gives words of affirmation, and Coach Kreeton returns to Dullmont Jr. High to give a pep talk. Performance by Kane Brown."
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Season 11 - All That
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22 Jun 2019
"The cast scrambles to find the props they need for a sketch, the Loud Librarian returns to Dullmont Junior High, Beyonc\u00e9 advertises her new store, and Long Coat plans a bank robbery. Musical performance by Daddy Yankee."
29 Jun 2019
"A button that appears out of nowhere tempts the cast; Simplicity, the easiest game show in the world, is played; Positive Poppi gives words of affirmation; Coach Kreeton returns to Dullmont..."
13 Jul 2019
"Wake up with Coffee, Coffee, Coffee; Someone loses their phone at Good Burger; Prehistoric inventors try to sell their inventions in the Shark Cave; The Pranklers wreak havoc at the school cafeteria. Performance by Ally Brooke."
27 Jul 2019
"The casts of Henry Danger and All That meet; Brie gives beauty advice after going to the dentist; Ella Mai finds someone to haunt her house forever; the Crack Your Phone store advertises their services. Performance By Ella Mai."
03 Aug 2019
"Kenan Thompson returns with a special delivery for the All That cast. Marie Kiddo DESTROYS her principals office, a music video about what really happens on a sick day, and [email protected]$#!eigh and ..."
21 Sep 2019
"Beyonce wanders into a classroom and everyone loses their minds, Detective Ann and Detective Dan crash a birthday party, Peyton Manning stops by Jay-Z Penny, and a music video about what to..."
28 Sep 2019
"Grammy winner H.E.R. tries to place an order at Good Burger, Reece tries to figure out who tickled her, Nathan cancels reboots, and Chinguun gets a last minute edit to his script. Performance by: HER Guest Stars: Kel Mitchell, Josh Server."
05 Oct 2019
"Good Burger goes gluten free, Brie gives beauty advice after another trip to the dentist, Juice: n All That music video, and Darcy the cheerleader brings spirit to the school play. Performance by: Bryce Vine."
12 Oct 2019
"Marie Kiddo helps declutter a treehouse, Dracula reviews new technology with the Invisible Man, Nathan cancels trick or treating, a music video where kids convince their parents to get a ..."
02 Nov 2019
"America's Got Talent winner Darci Lynne Farmer and her puppet Petunia stop by the All That set, Pranklers are back wreaking havoc in the locker room, Lex finds out his pet's thoughts, and ..."
09 Nov 2019
"Coach Kreeton stops by Beyonce's session to play the trumpet, Nathan cancels bounce houses, the Toilet Genie arrives to grant wishes, Ariana reads bed time stories, Detective Ann, Dan, and ..."
30 Nov 2019
"Bed, Bath and Beyonce returns with holiday home essentials, Tyga places an order at Coffee Coffee Coffee, the Loud Librarian returns to Dullmont Jr. High, and Nathan cancels the emoji with ..."
18 Jan 2020
"The All That cast 3-D prints a new cast member, Tammy shares way too much information, contestants in a game show try to stay off their phones, and scientists recreating a T-Rex get a big surprise. Performance by AJ Mitchell."
25 Jan 2020
"Dancing With The Stars' Witney Carson goes to Good Burger, T. Smith has an album preview, All That presents a new way to learn Spanish, and Nathan cancels gum. Performance by: The Melisizwe Brothers"
01 Feb 2020
"Ms. Hushbaum celebrates her birthday in the library, Lex and Gaby have a text off, everyone's favorite babies have their 8 month photoshoot, and Officer Smart joins the Star Crew as a calculations expert. Performance by: PUBLIC"
08 Feb 2020
"Nathan cancels Valentine's Day candy, [email protected]$#!eigh and Tevin meet at the movies, a contestant on a baking show has to defend his \"cake\", and an important date gets interrupted by extreme weather at the Weather Caf\u00e9. Performance by Asher Angel"
15 Feb 2020
"All That parodies the Song of the Year with \"Bad Guys\", the Fart Fixer advertises a new way to relieve embarrassment, Bed Bath and Beyonc\u00e9 returns, and some familiar faces appear to be saved from their island. Performance by: Young Dylan"
22 Feb 2020
"Liza Koshy gets a lesson in Bad Dancing, Larry returns to play the easiest game show in the world, Simplicity, Lucy has trouble controlling her emotions, and a new invention advertises the fastest way to eat food. Bad Bunny performs."
29 Feb 2020
"Alex teaches a new Spanish lesson, Lucy tries to control her emotions in a yoga class, Reece calls in a favor from a professional baseball player, and a manager at a pizza place teaches his employees about birthdays. Lauren Alaina performs"
21 Mar 2020
"WWE superstars The New Day teach Coach Kreeton some wrestling moves, Beyonce shows off some new products at her store, the cast helps Ryan get rid of his hiccups, and the girls have a sleepover with new friend Barb. Why Don't We perform"
04 Apr 2020
"PrestonPlayz guest stars to do a video game live stream with Tammy, an Unboxing video goes horribly wrong, the Loud Librarian returns, and a Superhero tries being a waitress. Performance by: Super M"
11 Apr 2020
"Pete Wentz stops by Good Burger to prepare for a party, Marie Kiddo helps declutter Professor Doom's evil lair, Billie and Millie teach new ways to make life easier, and T. Smith auditions for the school talent show. Queen Naija performs"
18 Apr 2020
"The cast of Danger Force guest stars to go camping with Ranger Rob, Klumsy Kevin has an accident at an ancient art museum, the Island Boys make new friends, and Cuddly Wuddly Creatures presents a bunny. Performance by: Echosmith"
25 Apr 2020
"The story of DJ Salad, his rise to fame, and his beef with Cardi Beef, hip hop's top sirloin. Detective Dan and Ann investigate the case of a missing cat. Nathan, Gaby, and Kate enjoy their new 11k tv. Performance By: Blackbear"
16 May 2020
"Coach Kreeton teaches ping pong, Yummy: an All That music video parody, the kids get trapped in a never ending tik tok dance, Tammy TMI is interviewed on live television, and a new way to get ready for the day. Performance By: Lauv"
23 May 2020
"Annie Leblanc and Jayden Bartels join [email protected]$#le!gh to welcome a new student, Lil Nas X promotes his new album, Tammy TMI and her mom are called in for a parent-teacher conference. Performance by Trevor Daniel"
"No description"
01 Aug 2020
"Frankie Grande stops by Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, [email protected]$Hle!gh goes to the school pep rally, All That presents a new way to cool lasagna with the Lasagna Cooler, and Aria finds a new \"thing\". Guest Star Frankie Grande Performance by Monsta X"
"No description"