50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy

A comedy programme of way Baz tries to scare his 70 year old mammy to death(not literally). Suitible for all the family.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Nancy Ashmawy , Baz Ashmawy

Country: UK

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy
"Their first stop in Las Vegas sees Nancy challenged to drive a classic muscle car, before they receive weapons training and head out on the road with some real-life bounty hunters looking for a fugitive. Later, the duo visit a casino where Baz challenges his mother to bet a week's pension on a roulette table. They then move back to LA for a lesson in stunt driving, before celebrating Nancy's birthday with a skydive."
"Their second stop is Morocco, where Nancy learns how to charm snakes, before Baz persuades her to take part in an off-road race, the International Rally. Later, Nancy treks across the desert for a more comfortable ride on a camel, before performing a Berber dance routine. The presenter then tests his mother's head for heights as the duo take a hot-air balloon ride across the Sahara."
"There are plenty of thrills and spills when Baz and Nancy head to Florida, buckling up for a rollercoaster ride, before hanging out with some wild alligators."
"Baz and Nancy sample the delights of Thailand, including an elephant ride and a spot of white-water rafting. A wince-inducing challenge is also on the cards"
"It's Mammy versus nature when Baz and Nancy encounter ostriches, lions and great white sharks in South Africa. Also on the to-do list is a bungee jump."
Season 2 - 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy
"Thrill-seeker Baz Ashmawy and his mother Nancy return for more wild adventures, beginning by visiting a prison in Cebu in the Philippines and performing a dance with 700 inmates. They also head to the city's Crown Regency Hotel to ride on the Edge Coaster, before Nancy directs rush-hour traffic in Manila and co-pilots a plane to the picturesque island of Coron."
"Baz Ashmawy and his mother Nancy's adventures take them to Scandinavia, where they undergo a nailbiting gyrocopter ride, drive a colossal tank and charge across the snow on a dog sled. Their trip ends at Santa's Elf School, where Nancy is in for a big surprise."
"Baz Ashmawy and his mother Nancy head to India, where they soar over the Mehrangarh Fort on a zipwire, test their sales skills in one of the country's call centres and visit the famous Temple of Rats."
"Baz and Nancy sample one of the world's hottest chillis and become part of a Mexican grafitti gang."
"Texas, Baz encourages Nancy to drive a monster truck and swing through the air on a 183ft-high sky-coaster. They end their trip on a working cattle ranch but not before each discovers how much the other has to hide during a lie-detector test."
Season 3 - 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy
"Baz and his fearless mother Nancy are joined by three other mammies to take on some of the world's most death-defying stunts and challenges."